90JAM seasons one and two

90JAM is a series of short original music videos for YouTube, in which I showcase my performance and production capabilities

Role: Musician, Performer, Producer, Editor, Designer

In spring 2017, I decided to use my YouTube channel to showcase my capabilities as a multi-instrumentalist by producing my own series of videos called 90JAM. The rules were that all videos would be 90-seconds long, an original piece of music, performed and produced entirely by me.

Once I had established the look, format and style for the videos, I produced the first eight episodes over a few weeks in the summer of 2017. These were published during September/October in the same year (see example below).

The general process for each video was as follows:

  • Develop a hook or riff on an instrument
  • Produce a 90-second arrangement in Logic Pro
  • Record instruments (guitar, bass, keys, synth, percussion) ensuring all performances are filmed
  • Edit and mix audio
  • Align and edit all video performances to the main mix
  • Simple colour correction and addition of graphics
  • Export versions for YouTube and social media

Episodes are released weekly, on Tuesdays. The video is uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and as a tiled post on Instagram. Clips and artwork for the track are posted the weekend before. Audio is also uploaded to Soundcloud later in the week.

Season two was produced during January 2018 and published during April/May 2018. This season included live drums and a collaboration with another musician for one episode. Based on audience feedback, I opted to experiment further with the format and expand one of the short ‘jams’ into a full song including vocals.

I have also produced the graphics for the series as well as a few pieces of original artwork, examples include the channel art below.

Although all the videos were published, following the launch of IGTV – Instagram’s vertical video platform – I re-edited all episodes to suit the platform (see an example here). Although it was preferable to show three performances at once, allowing the viewer to better see how the tracks have been put together, the faltering uptake in interest for IGTV has been disappointing given that the format appears to cater better for this series.

I have commenced work on a third season, however I do not expect these to be published until 2019.

About 90JAM

90JAM seasons one (Sept/Oct 2017) and two (Apr/May 2018) are both available to watch now on YouTube.

Season one Season two