Etta Smith website

When Etta Smith urgently needed a new website,
I stepped in to create a simplistic yet stylish design.

Role: Developer, Designer

After leaving her management company, singer-songwriter Etta Smith was without a website. This left her with an immediate problem which needed a quick solution. She needed a space online where fans could be directed to find out everything about her, who she was, where she would be performing and where they could find her music.

Although it became apparent that there wasn’t a great deal of content to work with, there was some excellent photography available. I used the main background image for the website to create an elegant and luxurious colour scheme which complemented Etta’s identity. I used translucent versions of these colours for the different sections of the website. I felt this helped the site feel larger than it was by clearly dividing the sparse content.

Colour scheme created for Etta Smith's website

From a previous branding exercise, Etta had created a logotype that mimicked the style of the ELLE masthead. Unfortunately, there were no instances of this logotype available to me so I was required to recreate this from reference (her twitter profile image).

Etta Smith logotype

Although the site remains sparse in terms of content, the initial need was satisfied and I continue to revisit the site when required.

About Etta Smith

Etta Smith is a singer-songwriter in London.

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