Helix Solkun album artwork

Having collaborated with Helix Solkun to produce their debut album, I was tasked with producing the artwork for the record and manufacturing CDs.

Role: Designer

The artwork itself was sourced from TCT designs, a close friend of the band. His artwork is colourful and employs several different patterns and structures to produce vast psychedelic works.

Artwork by TCT designs

From the selection provided, I produced a composite layout of complimentary pieces that reflected the ethos of the band. I felt that the use of many different colours mirrored the philosophy behind the naming of Every Walk; that despite these musicians coming from every different ‘walk of life,’ a coherent musical work had emerged. I also made use of TCT’s colourful camouflage and chameleon themes to suggest that though the music was technically advanced, it remained accessible to a wide audience.

The CD was produced for the band’s album launch show in March 2015. Helix Solkun continue to perform and record material around London.

About Helix Solkun

Helix Solkun is a jazz fusion band, continuing to record and perform around London.

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