Helix Solkun – Every Walk album production

Before becoming a member of the band, I recorded and mixed their entire first album, ‘Every Walk’.

Role: Producer, Designer

Helix Solkun was already an established jazz fusion band from London. The band was entering the studio to record an album for the drummer’s university project. I was asked to help record and produce the album.

I was responsible for all the engineering and the entire mix process. We recorded the band live (drums, bass, guitar and keys) and recorded overdubs later in the year (guitar, horns, synths, steel pan). Recording such diverse instruments was one of the key challenges of this project.

Following the production of the album, I also took responsibility for the design and manufacture of the album, having joined the band as bass player shortly after the album was finished. We launched the album at the Fox & Firkin in Lewisham in March 2015 and continue to perform around London today.

About Helix Solkun

Helix Solkun is a jazz fusion band, continuing to record and perform around London.

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