Joico travel articles

During my time working at PageTiger, I contributed travel articles to our largest print client, Joico.

Role: Writer

For some time, Joico was the largest contract held at the agency. We produced a 40-page print magazine twice a year. The magazine was also translated into German. My contribution was to write a four-page travel piece for three issues, with a focus on a city or country that was featured elsewhere in the issue. I have written pieces about Brussels, Slovenia and Sweden.

Joico Brussels page 1

Joico Brussels page 2

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As I didn’t actually visit the places I wrote about, the process involved extensive research and some first-hand accounts from my peers. Although there was plenty of material to work with, I spent a great deal of time ensuring there were several complementary accounts before creating my own synthesis.

Joico Slovenia page 1

Joico Slovenia page 2

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Tone of voice was immensely important, especially as I needed to match the voice of the rest of the magazine. I was instructed to follow ‘Grazia-style’ language, and employed several unconventional devices used there.

Joico Sweden page 1

Joico Sweden page 2

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Although the contract was the largest of its kind at the agency, it was was cancelled for 2017, with the client citing that circulation with the distributors had consistently declined, even though the client themselves had been more than happy with our output.

About this publication

At the time, this magazine was the largest print contract at the agency, with issues produced in English and German being distributed to salons across Europe.