Keith Hall men’s hair article

For this article, I wrote about men's hair, targeted at men and women in their thirties.

Role: Writer

This was one of the agency’s longest standing contracts and my first project there. The 36-page magazine was produced annually and targeted towards women over thirty. Each issue featured an article on men’s hair.

The premise of the article was to suggest why men over thirty should or should not change their hair. The article cited two major celebrities; one who had had great success in frequently changing their hairstyle and another who had remained committed to their iconic look for many years. The article would also suggest associated products that would help achieve these styles.

Keith Hall men's hair article

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One of the challenges was to find appropriate celebrities. As celebrity culture can change so rapidly, I needed to find two celebrities which were essentially timeless, but still at the height of their fame. I opted to select George Clooney as the celebrity with a consistent look and David Beckham as the man at the forefront of hair trends.

At the time of writing, the Keith Hall contract continues, with annual issues published around May/June.

About this publication

At the time of writing, this was the largest print contract held by the agency, with issues distributed to salons across the UK.