PageTiger explainer videos

My first motion graphics project was to produce several short videos for PageTiger, either demonstrating an aspect of the product or complementing our marketing

Role: Motion Graphics Designer

One of my final assignments with this company was to produce video content to be embedded within their product or website. For the product, the video would explain how to get the most of that feature you were currently using. The website videos would explain our sales process to help the customer implement PageTiger as smoothly as possible.

In my role, I would receive an audio file recorded by a voiceover artist of a script produced by the project manager. I would then create and animate content to complement the content of the audio file.

This video explains how the PageTiger free trial works.

This video explains how to use PageTiger’s quote wizard.

This video explains the ‘Publication Groups’ feature of the product.

I was employed by PageTiger as an intern in April 2015 and progressed quickly to the position of Editor. I left PageTiger in August 2018.

About 90JAM

PageTiger is a cloud-based tool helping businesses improve the presentation of their content.