The Natural Aggregate 10,000 Little Popstars EP

An EP of original music written, performed and produced by myself. The project also incorporated design and video production.

Role: Composer, Producer, Musician

This EP was the core element of the major project for my BA degree. I proposed that I would write and produce an EP which focussed on blending acoustic and synthetic sounds. Although I composed and performed on every track, I did also source performances and co-writers from my peer group.

The music was an amalgamation of a wide range of influences, from metal and indie to chillout and downtempo. The acoustic aspects of the record focussed on naturalistic sounds. I achieved this by preserving the sense of space wherever possible and not using too many post-production techniques on real instruments. I also sought authenticity with synthetic elements, gaining access to powerful hardware synths, including the EMS VCS3.

I took responsibility for the entire production process. This included writing and demonstrating the pieces, engineering and producing performances, editing and mixing the audio and manufacturing the final product. I also produced several peripheral media to support my project, including videos, a blog and a website.

The project was a great success, achieving a mark of 91, effectively guaranteed the first-class status of my degree. I continue to write and produce music under this moniker.

About The Natural Aggregate

The Natural Aggregate is my own 'pseudonym' for producing original solo music and content.

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