The Natural Aggregate
EP artwork

I produced an EP of original music for my bachelor's degree for which I also created artwork and manufactured hard copies.

Role: Designer

One of the peripheral elements to my final major project at the London College of Music was to produce physical copies of my EP. To enhance my project, I created branding, artwork and a small run of CDs for my submission.

The Natural Aggregate CD

The Natural Aggregate CD

The Natural Aggregate CD

To help reflect the character of the music, which juxtaposed acoustic and synthetic sounds, I decided to digitally distort delicate natural objects, this is most evident in the feather which dominated the cover.

The Natural Aggregate artwork - feather

To further inject distorted natural elements into the work, I produced a logotype which ran the stem of the first ‘T’ through the words below and split it into roots below. This allowed the letter to function as the ‘T’ in the word ‘natural’ below. For a more concise brand image, I used the roots as a logo for siturations where the logotype would be too complicated.

The Natural Aggregate Logotype and Logo

Although the artwork itself was a peripheral element, the project received a final grade of 91, with the artwork receiving a positive response from several peers and tutors.

About The Natural Aggregate

The Natural Aggregate is my own 'pseudonym' for producing original solo music and content.

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