The Natural Aggregate website

I wanted to expand the Natural Aggregate into a music blog for reviews of releases, live shows and potentially polemical writing.

Role: Developer, Designer, Editor

Having contributed to music blogs in the past, I felt it would be a good exercise to set up my own site to showcase more of my writing, whilst gaining experience in designing and building my own site.

Taking inspiration from another blog’s design, I created a simple scrolling page which posts displayed statically. Although I was aware this would not be manageable in the long run, it did get me up and running in the interim. I was initially satisfied with the design and experience of reading the blog, all whilst using the Natural Aggregate branding to good effect.

Screenshot from The Natural Aggregate website

However, once I found that my approach was limited in terms of sharing articles, which I would expect featured artists would need to be able to do, I shelved the blog until I would be able to commit more time to rebuilding it. I intend to rebuild the site to use a different structure to help articles become more shareable.

About The Natural Aggregate

The Natural Aggregate is my own 'pseudonym' for producing original solo music and content.

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