YouTube Channel

I create videos about music for YouTube to hone my creative, video editing and presentation skills.

Intended to raise my online presence as a musician, I started a YouTube channel in early 2017. I believe that YouTube is the best platform for my content as it has a massive user base and content is treated in a less transient fashion than on other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

I’m always challenging myself to think of new ways to showcase my skills, but here I will summarise the types of videos available on my channel.

Bass covers

Videos where I play bass along to a track as accurately to the record as I can. These are the most popular videos as many musicians turn to videos like these when learning songs by literally being shown how to play the bass part. Whilst these videos are popular, they often suffer from copyright infringements and YouTube is very saturated with content of this type.


Original music videos in which I write, perform and produce the entire piece of music myself. You can read more about the 90JAM project here.

Gig vlogs

Some viewers like to see what’s involved with every aspect of performing live. Whether it’s the travelling, the sound checks or just seeing what happened at the show, these are a great way for me to showcase my favourite gigs on my channel, whilst also keeping a sort of scrapbook of my live work.

Gear demos

When I find a piece of equipment I love, I feel like demonstrating everything I can do with it. These videos help people considering purchasing the product understand what can be achieved. YouTube is now saturated with this kind of content as retailers such as Andertons in the UK or in the US have a lot more resource and access to products to produce slicker videos than I can. As a result, it’s not often I make videos in this style, but I do enjoy making them.

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